Course & Ride Information

The 2022 HDR Epic includes two routes catering all skill and fitness levels. Both routes start and finish at the historic Railyard in downtown Sante Fe, NM is home to some amazing cafe's, coffee, restaurants, REI, Outside Magazine and the Sunday Farmers Market. It is the perfect point to kick off and end your adventure. 

Sante Fe Railyard


The whole enchilada with all the fixin's. A gratuitous mix of fast flowing desert gravel, a helping of spicy high alpine double track and a side of pavement for the transitions. Appetizers and desert courtesy of some amazing New Mexico vendors at the beautiful Sante Fe Railyard District. You'll definitely get your fill of epic New Mexico scenery and world class gravel. 
The SPICY 90 is a 94 mile lollipop geared for those looking for a bit of a challenge. Plenty of elevation gain, challenging and technical double track and high speed, wide open descents on some of the smoothest dirt roads that take you back into town with a view that may cause you to pause and take it in. A fitting way to end your day.
HDR Spicy 90 Strava
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The SAVORY 70 is an out and back route designed for those who prefer the party pace, beginner gravel riders who want to avoid the technical aspects of the SPICY 90 or those just looking to rip up to 73 miles of super fast and smooth gravel roads. A healthy mix of smooth gravel roads with a pavement transition. Like the SPICY 90 the SAVORY 70 meets up with epic 94 mile route midway to take in that long and beautiful descent back into Sante Fe. 
The beauty of the SAVORY 70 is that it can be shortened to any distance based on fitness level. 
HDR Savory 70 Strava
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SPICY 90 & SAVORY 70 descent back into town.

Cafe Fina, Sante Fe, NM

Mid route coffee, Coke, cookies and pie at Cafe Fina.


Ride Information | What To Bring, What To Expect, How To Prepare

 The HDR course is unmarked. Prior to the event maps, GPS and other info will be available to download onto your cycling computers, print out out school or just memorize if you're gifted with a photographic memory.

  • Certain sections of the course are out there - Meaning no cell phone service. 
  • Carry plenty of tools, tubes and whatever else you think may go wrong.
  • Gravel sections are woven together by a couple of paved road sections, including one short section that follows a busy highway. Please obey local traffic laws and ride smart.
  • The HDR isn't a race. It's all about building friendships and community. Be kind and offer support to your fellow riders.
  • Energy bar wrappers, etc. Pack it in, pack it out. 
  • Carry plenty of water and stay hydrated. This is the desert and you will be getting up there in elevation. 
  • Don't forget sunscreen.

Event Rules

  • In the spirit of adventure and gravel, HDR is an unsupported event. 
  • All riders must sign a waiver
  • All riders need to check in and out upon return. We do not want to leave anyone behind.